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Adventures to Remember & Celebrate!

September 26, 2018

Adventures to Remember & Celebrate!

Earning Wonder Club Explorers patches should be child’s play.  Even us adults can have fun at it.  There is so much potential for making the experience of planning adventures and earning patches a pleasure, so remember that as you’re getting started!

There is plenty of joy to be had while doing the patch activity but don’t forget to instill pride when celebrating the accomplishment of earning a patch.  It need not be elaborate, it can be as simple as treating your child to an ice cream cone.  But, take the time to honor the occasion and make him or her feel special.  Whether you’re earning patches as individuals, friends or a local meetup, mark the occasion with a patch ceremony or toast!

Toast: To Adventure! May your curiosity guide you from meadows and peaks to museums and libraries, inspiring wonder in the great wide world around you

Your Wonder Club Explorer is encouraged to display their merit patch and talk about the activity with others, not to mention invite friends and family to participate next time.