About Wonder Club Explorers


In early 2018, I started contemplating launching a business with a social mission of inspiring curiosity and adventure in our littlest citizens. Inspired by a hike I planned with the mayor and with my three year-old child in tow, donning a cute vest with my collection of old patches, I was struck by the interest other parents had in whether he had earned those patches.  I started to think about all of the adventures we had planned and experienced together and I was convinced that he had most certainly earned a number of patches, and then some, at that young age.


As a parent who works full-time, I unfortunately miss out on all of the cool meet-ups that happen during the day and I thought how awesome it would be to be able to participate in a program geared towards kids before they are truly age-eligible for traditional scouting programs. As a kid I was a fan of choose your own adventure books so I also thought it would be cool to pick which adventures to pursue whenever it worked with our family schedule.  Beyond my own circumstances, i thought how great would something like this be for any parent or caregiver who juggles multiple commitments but still wants to give their kids a chance to be curious, explore more and start developing confidence from character building activities.


Fast forward to today and that seed of inspiration has come to fruition. Check out @wonderclubexplorers and give it a follow, and share it with anyone you know who might want to inspire curiosity and adventure in children.   Childhood is meant for exploring.  From museums to libraries to trails and gardens, exploration happens once we open the door.



Michelle & Dylan