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August 22, 2018

Exploring Tidepools with Kids

I grew up in a coastal town so anytime we visit the grandparents we always plan a little beach time.  My son was very interested in the Tide Pool Investigator Patch so on our last visit we checked the tide calendar to see when the pools would be at low tide for optimum viewing of the rocky shore.

We packed our usual beach gear but this time threw in some sturdy shoes and a magnifying glass.  As the tide began to ebb and the pools emerged there was no shortage of fun searching for sea anemones, hermit crabs and starfish.

We were a little bummed there were no octopus sightings but the local conservation group set-up a touch and feel table nearby and that made up for the missed octo sightings.  The volunteers explained to my little guy what constitutes good tipepooler etiquette such as picking up one’s trash (it doesn’t belong in the ocean) and leaving the tide pools be (look, but don’t touch).

On our way home, we had a long chat about the ocean, tide pools, creatures and more.  I made sure to reinforce the helpful tips offered by the conservation group so that my son understood the importance of stewarding our natural resources.

Once we got to grandma’s house, my son recounted his tide pool experience with the rest of the family.  Over a bowl of his favorite ice cream, he was awarded his “Tidepool Investigator” merit patch and was... wait for it.... happy as a clam.

Here’s to happy exploring!

Stay Curious,

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